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Welcome to Wiler, the third village in the Lötschental. The modern village is situated at 1,419 m above sea level and, with the only alp in the valley used for tourism - the Lauchernalp, is the center of tourist activity in the valley. The name Wiler is reminiscent of the Latin name "villa", which means "country estate, farmstead, country house". The present settlement structure of the village of Wiler is largely determined by the fire of June 17, 1900, which almost completely destroyed the village. The chessboard-like ground plan of the village shows that Wiler is not an evolved but a planned settlement. The residential buildings are located along the main road, while the stable buildings, which are lined up in rows, are located at the southern edge of the village. Since after the fire the houses had been built with scarce space for reasons of economy, the need for larger new buildings arose after the Second World War, which now stand on the west side of the original village center or on the new bypass road.
With over 500 inhabitants, the village of Wiler is today the most populous community in the Lötschen Valley.