Behavioral instructions / information

Lötschental, 25 January 2021

Due to the current situation in the Corona pandemic, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that during the carnival and the carnival activities the rules of conduct and hygiene according to the directive of the Federal Office of Public Health must be observed. Here is an excerpt of the most relevant ones:

  • Gatherings in public space of max. 5 persons
  • Private gatherings of max. 5 persons (recommendation: from max. 2 households)
  • Public events such as carnival processions are prohibited
  • Keep distance
  • Wear mask if keeping distance is not possible
  • In case of symptoms get tested and stay at home
  • Meet as few people as possible

For further and more detailed instructions, please refer to the general information provided by the canton and the federal government through official channels:

Kanton Wallis Gesundheit


The communal authorities appeal for respectful behaviour and compliance with the regulations in force, especially during the carnival period.
Ferden, President of the commune, Erich Werlen
Kippel, president of the commune, Reinhard Tannast
Wiler, president of the commune, Elmar Ritler
Blatten, president of the municipality, Jean-Christoph Lehner
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