Building Commission

Tasks and services

The building commission has an advisory and coordinating function in local planning and participates in building zone and superstructure planning. It is responsible for all building and civil engineering projects of the municipality - starting with the development of concepts and plans for new buildings or facilities up to the organization and supervision of the construction work and the preparation of construction accounts. The building commission examines private building applications, controls the execution of approved buildings according to the regulations and advises the inhabitants of the municipality of Wiler in all building matters.

The building commission consists of a community representative (member of the community council) and members of the local population. The building commission meets every 2 weeks or weekly depending on the urgency. Meeting dates can be arranged at any time by telephone with the respective member.

President (Chair)


  • Daniel Siegen
  • Tannast Anton
  • Bellwald Johann
  • Blötzer Manuel