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Families in need

People don't like to talk about it, but poverty is an issue even in our small country. For those who today do not know how they will live tomorrow, every donation, no matter how small, is a godsend. The foundation Nachbar in Not (Neighbor in Need) is an institution that tries to alleviate this need, unbureaucratically for the affected people, the donations go directly to the needy.

Neighbor in Need

Nachbar in Not is available throughout the year as a partner for neighbors in need. Requests for bridging assistance from private individuals and social institutions are handled quickly and unbureaucratically.

Nicole Zurbriggen

President of the Foundation Board

Matthias Bärenfaller

Vice President of the Board of Trustees

Herold Bieler

Board of Trustees

Claudia Dirren

Foundation Board

Claudine Bregy

Foundation Councilor, Secretariat

Anne-Catherine Franzen



From a collection campaign to a relief organization

In November 1999, the two media Radio Rottu Oberwallis and Walliser Bote started a collection campaign under the title Neighbor in Need. The result was overwhelming! With this money, more than 500 people in the Upper Valais were given presents during the Christmas season of the same year.

The great willingness to donate, the benevolent support of the campaign, but also the realization that the need in the Upper Valais is much greater than assumed, moved the initiators to create a foundation.

Today, more than 10 years after the first collection campaign, Neighbors in Need is an Upper Valais relief organization with an impressive track record.

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