Municipal Commissions

The municipal council may also delegate tasks that do not necessarily have to be performed by itself or by the municipal administration to commissions. Certain commissions must be formed by law or by regulations, while others are appointed voluntarily or as needed. Commissions often consist of interested and knowledgeable residents of the municipality of Wiler, or regionally of representatives of other municipal administrations (or school commission). They are given the opportunity to actively participate and help shape the community. Their voluntary commitment is a valuable and indispensable part of the community work.

Each member of the municipal council is assigned to a commission. The assignment of the departmental chairmanships takes place directly after the formation of the new municipal council for a period of four years. The respective chairmanship of a commission is usually assumed by a member of the municipal council in a responsible position. Proposals of commissions are to be submitted to the municipal council in writing and justified for decision. The municipal council as a whole ultimately decides on individual matters. As a rule, employees of the administration who are concerned with the same task are also represented in the commissions in an advisory capacity and as direct contact persons.