Eröffnung des Loichitrails


- 4 years planning and approval process - 9 different routes - 24 different landowners - 3 farmers - 1 information evening - 24 personal talks - 1 local show - 10 walk-throughs - 1.6 kilometer trail - 5 months construction time - Many gray hairs These are the numbers that were necessary to realize the Loichi Trail. In 2018, the Lötschental Infrastructure started to plan the Loichitrail. In a first step, the topography was walked together with the planning office and the trail construction company and an ideal route for the biker was determined. The next step was to contact the appropriate landowners and ask for permission. Understandably, not all landowners wanted a bike trail on their property. This led to the fact that the route had to be adjusted a total of 8 times. The final construction by the company Trailworks turned out to be unproblematic. The trail builders had more to fight with free-roaming cows than with the trail construction. On June 10, 2023, the Loichi Trail will be opened. This is easily accessible from the top station of the cable car with the 6-seater chairlift. Note: This text was translated by machine translation software and not by a human translator. It may contain translation errors.

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Wiler (Lötschen)


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