Kulturtag in Ferden


BLS CuIture Days in Ferden - Masks & Other Traditions Village life and mask carving Ferden is the first village of the Lötschental and therefore the gateway to probably the most authentic valley of the Swiss Alps. Experience the culture and tradition of the Lötschentalers. Enjoy a village tour in Ferden and carve your own souvenir mask. Dates: Friday, June 30, 2023 Friday, August 25, 2023 Number of participants: 5 to 20 people Price: CHF 97.00 per person Daily program: 08:39 Departure Bern HB 10:08 Arrival Ferden village / reception of the group leader / guided tour of the village 10:50 Walk from Ferden to Kippel 11:15 Apéro 11:45 Lunch in Kippel 12:45 Walk back to Ferden 13:00 Mask carving 15:40 Departure Ferden Dirf 17:21 Arrival Bern HB Note: This text was translated by machine translation software and not by a human translator. It may contain translation errors.

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