Kulturtagin Blatten


BLS- Culture days in Blatten - insight into agriculture Hike to the place of pilgrimage Kühmatt Blatten is the rearmost village in the Lötschental and lies at 1540 m above sea level. Due to the former seclusion of the valley, Blatten with its wooden houses blackened by the sun, the typical Valais granaries and the intact nature has preserved its unique charm until today. Embark on a guided hike to the pilgrimage site Kühmatt and learn more about agriculture in the Lötschental. Dates: Wednesday. August 9, 2023 Wednesday. October 11. 2023 Number of participants: 5 to 20 people Price: CHF 92.00 per person Daily program: 07:39 Departure Bern HB 09:31 Arrival in Kühmatt near Blatten (Lötschen) / Reception of the group guide / Hike Kühmatt - Blatten with insight into agriculture (farming, wolf) 11:00 Apéro 11:30 am Guided tour of the village of Blatten 12:30 Lunch at Hotel Edelweiss 13:30 Walk to Eisten, topic hay: mowing, denning, carrying, pulling, hay making of former times 15:28 Departure Blatten / Lötschen, village 17:21 Arrival Bern HB Note: This text was translated by machine translation software and not by a human translator. It may contain translation errors.

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Blatten (Lötschen)


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