Strategie 2021 - 2024

The municipal council of Wiler presented its strategy for the years 2021 - 2024 at the general meeting on February 25, 2021.

Guiding principles

Tourism and economy


  •     The community of Wiler sees itself as a center and active motor of regional tourism.
  •     The winter offer is constantly developed and the summer offer is promoted and expanded.
  •     All forms of accommodation are promoted and encouraged.


  •     The municipality of Wiler sees itself as an active partner of the local trade.
  •     It creates framework conditions to promote a corresponding development.


Society and education

Quality of life

  •     The municipality of Wiler sees itself as a livable and safe community with an active village life.


  •     The community is attractive and a good mix of young and old should be maintained.
  •     We are aware of the importance of the village associations and support them. We maintain a future-oriented youth, family and age policy.
  •     Tradition and customs are lived, promoted and supported.


  •     We create good framework conditions for the school location Wiler and develop it constantly.


Nature and environment


  •     The community takes care of nature. It is committed to environmentally friendly and economic use.

Sustainable development

  •     We are actively committed to the protection and maintenance of our habitat in a sustainable manner.


  •     The community of Wiler is aware of the importance of resources and takes care of them.


Mobility and spatial development


  •     The municipality is committed to providing an attractive range of public transport services.
  •     The municipality is committed to safe road connections within the Lötschental and to the outside world.
  •     The connections to the Lauchernalp are supported according to demand.

Spatial planning

  •     Spatial activities are coordinated in a future-oriented manner and the scope of the spatial planning law is exploited as far as possible.
  •     The municipality of Wiler promotes the construction of primary residences throughout the municipality.


  •     The municipality maintains the existing basic infrastructure and supplements/renews it as required.

Village development

  •     The municipality is committed to a well-kept village entrance and an attractive meeting zone in the village center.
  •     A summer recreation area for the population and guests is being promoted.


Politics and structures

Cooperation and collaboration

  •     As a regionally strong partner, the community lives and promotes cooperation with neighboring communities.
  •     The community is open to a possible merger in the Lötschental.

Authority / Administration

  •     We understand the communal administration as a modern service enterprise. It fulfills its tasks in a citizen-oriented, transparent manner and in the service of the population.


  •     An open and friendly information policy promotes contact with the population and understanding for the public task.


  •     With a solid and sustainable financial budget, we offer our economy and population attractive framework conditions.