Lötschental management agronomy

After seven years of preparation, the management of agricultural land in the Lötschental came into force on 01 November 2020.
This pilot project is a first in Switzerland. The reallocation covers 682 hectares, distributed among the municipalities of Ferden, Kippel, Wiler and Blatten.

According to the decision of the State Council of September 16, 2020, the reallocation of the Lötschental management acreage, located on the territory of the municipalities of Ferden, Kippel, Wiler and Blatten, was approved. The date of taking possession of the definitive new land is set for 01 November 2020.

In this context, the entitled landowners are requested to submit their personal details by e-mail or by post to the address below by 31 January 2021, by means of a registration form, for the payments of the rent for the first six years as well as the one-off contributions in return for the provision of the property to the cooperative.

The corresponding form can be obtained from the municipal offices of the municipalities of Ferden, Kippel, Wiler and Blatten or on the respective website.

After submission of the required information and after verification with the cadastre of the respective communes, the lease as well as the one-time contribution will be transferred to the owners.
In the case of deceased property owners as well as communities of heirs, supplementary documents such as certificates of inheritance, division instructions, etc. are required for payment. Assets of unknown owners or unknown beneficiaries are paid into an account under the heading "Bewirtschaftungsarrondierung Lötschental" at the Raiffeisenbank Gampel-Raron.

Genossenschaft für die Bewirtschaftungsarrondierung Lötschental
c/o treuhand marugg + imsand ag, Sustenstrasse 3, 3952 Susten