Yard & Forest

Tasks and services
Approximately 1514 hectares of forest are managed by the Lötschental Forestry Office, a large part of which is owned by the Burgergemeinden of the Lötschental. The forest is to be maintained in such a way that it can fulfill its various functions (protection) permanently, unrestrictedly and sustainably.
The forest enterprise Lötschental, which is managed by the valley forester Hans Henzen, is responsible for the professional care and management of the forest. A spacious forestry yard is available for the execution of the forest work.

2021: Transition to the operating community Werkhof & Forst Lötschental
The merger of the work yards with the forestry operation is considered a showcase project in the canton of Valais and is intended to promote the attractiveness of the mountain areas. The new community association sees a significant opportunity in securing and expanding jobs in the valley. In the future, they also want to expand the range of apprenticeships in the various areas of responsibility. Thanks to the new structure, employees can be specialized and work processes optimized. Already today, we can see that synergies are recognized and efficiently used through the inter-municipal cooperation.


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